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Ventilation Door

  • Ventilation Door
  • Description:
  • Ventilation Door helps your house open widely space, and itself has air circulation.

Was designed by Green tower building ideas, allow air circulation. Maximum space for lighting... etc

- Ventilation has insect screen help prevent dust and insects

- Without opening window, your house still airy, fresh

- The foot bar prevent watertight when it rains

- These laces are decorated well looking

- Easy to use and manternance


Three modes of Opening 

- Small airy

- Normal Airy

- Large Airy

- Air infiltration : Grade A-4 (JIS)

- Water Tightness : 50 Pa

- Open - Close test : 30.000 cycles


- Min W 600 mm H 2000 mm
- Max W 900 mm H 2200 mm

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